Ravioli crujiente de secreto con cebolla confitada y jamón quinta gama gastronoms

Fifth range Crunchy Iberian Pork Ravioli with Candied Onion and Ham

Iberian pork candied at low temperature mixed with candied onion and ham, a surprising way to try this special Iberian pork cut in a ravioli format.


  • A different ravioli: this is crunchy!
  • An original tapa with very traditional flavours
  • Easy to serve, from the fryer to the plate

Package content

  • 80 pc/approx. of Crunchy Ravioli 2 Kg/Box


Shelf life: 18 months

Storage: -18ºC

Crunchy ravioli by Gastrònoms

Make more original tapas or dishes with crunchy ravioli. Two textures, a honeyed filling, with an intense and traditional flavour; and the crunchy texture on the outside, more fun.

Recommended preparation

  1. Heat the oil to 180°C.
  2. Fry the frozen crunchy ravioli until golden (approx. 3-4 minutes)
  3. Remove with care and drain.
  4. Plate them. It is not necessary to defrost them before frying.  


An original tapa with ORIGINAL flavours

Easy to serve, from the fryer to the plate.

Two textures: a creamy inside and a crunchy outside. You can add one of our sauces (mustard, foie, port, parmesan, romesco, pilpil, marinera, marinated garlic, barbecue and café de paris) or vinaigrettes (nuts, mustard and hazelnuts, soy and honey, and Japanese).

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