The Asian shrimp brochette is a very original and modern skewer. We have relied on ingredients from Asian cuisine such as seaweed, Kimchi and Pan Palko to create this delicious appetizer. The shrimp is marinated with Kimchi sauce that gives it a spicy and salty touch and the batter is made from seaweed and Pan Palko that gives it a rather heavy "Crunch" effect and a different texture and flavor.

Advantages of shrimp brochettes:

  • Easy regeneration
  • Innovative product
  • Perfect for aperitifs 

Shrimp brochettes characteristics:

  • Format: 25gr/unit
  • Packaging: 3 packs/box (14 units each pack)
  • Lifetime: 18 months
  • Conservation: -18ºC

Shrimp brochettes of Gastrònoms:

We have traveled the different continents of the world in search of the best ingredients, to elaborate the perfect recipes and to be able to create new appetizers with shrimps. Our new brochettes are ideal to offer as a tapa or as an appetizer format, with salads, etc. It is a very original and innovative way to surprise your guests when offering a cocktail in the most special events and to differentiate yourself from your competition.

A differential fact of our new shrimp brochettes is that they are marinated and each of them with some ingredient from their geographical area. The Asian brochette with kimchi sauce, the oriental brochette with curry and the American brochette with BBQ sauce.

Recommended preparation of shrimp brochettes:

  • We recommend frying at 180ºC.
  • It is not necessary to thaw previously.


Oriental shrimp brochette

American shrimp brochette