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Our tasty sauces in unit dose format of 70gr to use only the amount you actually need. In addition, you have the possibility of using them in a siphon to get a foamy hot sauce.

  • Format in individual portions, to use only the amount needed
  • You can use them with different dishes: pasta, risotto, meat, fish,...
  • In hot, you can siphon it
Format: Monoraciones de 70gr aprox. 
Container: bag
Shelf life: 18 months 
Preserving: -18ºC
Sauces Varieties
FOIE GRAS SAUCE: All the greasiness and the exquisite taste of the foie gras, now in sauce; ready to go combine to all your vegetables, pasta or meat dishes.
PORTO SAUCE: From meat and Porto wine we obtain this delicious sauce that it’s a good combination for all your meat dishes.
PARMESAN CHEESE: One of the tastiest sauces thanks to this Italian cheese characteristics. With this sauce you can obtain perfect dishes of meat, fish or pasta. Soft and creamy sauces to make shiny presentations.
“PIL PIL” SAUCE: Traditional sauce from Euskadi made with cod and olive oil. It’s the authentic cod’s taste with garlic and red chili. It’s the ideal combination for fish dishes.
SEAFOOD SAUCE: A classical from the Mediterranean cuisine with all the intensity of the sea, to combine with seafood and fish dishes.
ROASTED GARLIC SAUCE: Its taste will surprise you, without the garlic predominating all can provide your plate of great originality.
CAFÉ DE PARIS SAUCE:  One of the most classic sauces French cuisine made with a traditional butter base with more than 25 different ingredients.
Recommended preparation
Heat in sauce pan or frying pan, over a low flame to permit a slowly melt process and add 30g of water or any other liquid (broth, milk, cream) till to ideal chef taste. Stir till it’s completely smooth. For “Pil Pil” sauce, heat it in the microwave and stir before serving.