Is the dish ready to be served?
No, it requires reheating and a proper serving process as specified on the label. Also, some final touches from the cook will be essential for a delightful outcome.
¿Hay que volver a cocer los raviolis wanton?
No. Ya están cocidos, tan solo necesitan regenerarse adecuadamente ya sea en horno o microondas.
Do I have to cook again the wanton raviolis?
No, they are already cooked you just need to properly reheat them, either in an oven or microwave.
Is a cannelloni a full dish
Our cannelloni has a 130g portion, that served with a small side will make the perfect dish. Nonetheless, it’s a very versatile plate that can be presented on smaller pieces and served as a slide dish or appetizer.
What products do not need to vent?
Those that don’t require to be fried: wonton ravioli, cannelloni, lasagne, carpaccio, tatakis, tartars, grilled meats and preserved meats. Our sauces and vinaigrettes can also be used, helping you on the final plating.
Which products can be reheated in the microwave?
All our wonton raviolis, cannelloni, lasagne and sauces only need heat and can be reheated on a microwave and preserve their exquisite taste.
How should I regenerate meat ?
Confit meats in original format can be regenerated in the own bag double boiled or steam oven. Grilled meats found in two types: those with skin, such as suckling pig and lamb shoulder and trotters, who have no skin but is very gelatinous; they must be marked to the plate to achieve the effect and finish in the oven. Other plates should be hydrated with a sauce and regenerate baked with temperatures no higher than 1800ºC to return to achieve a syrupy texture and the product will not dehydrate.
The products in crunchy batter can go in the oven ?
It is very important that you first fry the product for a very crisp trench coat. Once achieved the gold brown crust, we can put it in the oven about 12 min at 180C.
Does the carpaccio need to be defrosted ?
No, in most cases! We can serve it directly from the freezer, because otherwise we cannot separate it from the package, damaging the product. Once the plating is done, in a few minutes we will have delicious dish ready to be served. If we want to cut, shape ... we can do while frozen.
Can you use a siphon to serve sauces?
Yes, you can use one as long as the temperature is kept around 60-70 ° C. This way the sauce is loose and each portion gets well blend with the internal mixture, obtaining as a result a more foamy sauce. If previously customized with your own sauce, you must check first that this sauce has the right texture to be served using a siphon.
Do vinaigrettes are texturized?
Yes, either with the same product or texturizing to achieve a more unctuous effect and for more consistency when it’s served.
Can you dissolve or blend vinaigrettes?Do not do this. They should be gently served. You want to avoid mixing the solid part of the vinaigrette with the fat. If this happens, you can heat them in low-fire to separate again the fat.
A serving size of salsa goes for a dish portion?
No. Our sauces are very versatile. We can use them as a base for blending with other sauces or just as it is, it will depend on the chef preferences, but always give us more than one serving. If you are adding more ingredients, you should check the resulting texture to know whether or not we use a siphon.
Is tataki a dish portion? No, but everything depends on the plating and purpose of what we are looking for. Keep in mind that is about 250gr and this gives us a lot of room to play with.